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Architecture (disambiguation)

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Architecture is a term that has over history acquired different, though indirectly related, meanings all of which have currency today.

  • Common to all contexts is the idea that architecture embodies a coherent set of organizational principles and objectives guiding the design of each aspect of a complex structure. Generally, a product resulting from such guided design can also be referred to as architecture.
  • Computer architecture is the theory behind the design of a computer. In the same way as a building architect sets the principles and goals of a building project as the basis for the draftsman's plans, so too, a computer architect sets out the computer architecture as a basis for the actual design specifications.
  • Software architecture is a coherent set of abstract patterns guiding the design of each aspect of a larger software system.
  • Information architecture is the art and science of structuring knowledge (technically data) to be published in a web, and defining user interactions (also see use case).
  • Product architecture comprises the structure of a product or product family including its constituent subassemblies and options for commonality, customization, upgrading, or repair. Vehicle architecture is an example.

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