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Caucasus Mountains

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This article is about the terrestrial mountain range. There is also a mountain range on the Moon called the Caucasus Mountains (Moon).

The Caucasus Mountains is a mountain range between the Black and Caspian seas, often considered the southeastern limit of Europe. It forms two distinct chains:

  • The Greater Caucasus range extends from the vicinity of Sochi on the northeastern shore of the Black Sea, generally trending east-southeast and reaching nearly to Baku on the Caspian. For most of its length it is the border of Russia with Georgia and Azerbaijan. The peaks of the Greater Caucasus include Mount Elbrus, at 5,642 m the highest mountain in Europe.
  • The Lesser Caucasus runs parallel to the greater range, at a distance averaging about 100 km (60 mi) south. The borders of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan run through the range, although its crest does not usually define the border.

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The region Caucasus.

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