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Here you can find an attempt to organize Wikipedia'Dewey_Decimal_Classification" title ="Dewey Decimal Classification">Dewey Decimal Classification, a commonly used system to organize volumes within a library. This is one of several Wikipedia category schemes.

0 Computer science, information & general works - reference, computing, the Internet, library and information science, museums, news, publishing
1 Philosophy and psychology - ethics, paranormal phenomena
1 Philosophy and psychology - This link is currently being worked on
2 Religion - Bibles, religions of the world
3 Social Sciences - sociology, anthropology, statistics, politics, economics, law, government, public administration, social services, education, commerce, communications, standards, customs
4 Language - linguistics, language learning, specific languages
5 Science - general science, mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, earth sciences, palaeontology, biology, genetics, botany, zoology
6 Technology (Applied sciences) - medicine, psychiatry, applied physics, engineering, agriculture, home economics, management, accounting, chemical engineering, food technology, metallurgy, manufacturing
7 Arts & recreation - art, planning, architecture, photography, music, games, sport
8 Literature - literature of specific languages
9 History & geography - geography and history of the ancient and modern world, archaeology

Copyright notice:

The Dewey Decimal System is copyrighted; the one created by the Library of Congress is not. See the copyright holder's Dewey Decimal Classification site which imply a license is needed, but contrast this with United States Court of Appeals For the Seventh Circuit legal precedent. Also, the DDC has been around since 1876; any version published earlier than 1923 - or When works pass into the public domain possibly later - has passed into the public domain and is perfectly legal to use.

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