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Environmental design

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Environmental design refers to taking environmental concerns into consideration in the design process.

"Environmental design" in the more established (and, perhaps, more old-fashioned) sense has to do with developing physical, spatial environments, whether interior or exterior, to meet one or more esthetic or day-to-day functional needs, or to create a specific sort of experience - the focus being the human-designed environment. As this is a field with a very lengthy history, it can be said to include such specialties as architecture, landscape design, urban planning, interior design, lighting design, exhibit design, and even event design. In many communities and situations, historic preservation can be added to this list. Another recent addition to this general area might be "disability access" for all manner of construction projects.

From the middle of the twentieth century if not before, thinkers like Buckminster Fuller have acted as catalysts for a broadening and deepening of the concerns of environmental designers. Nowadays, energy-efficiency, appropriate technology, organic horticulture or organic agriculture, land restoration, community design, and ecologically sustainable energy and waste systems are recognized considerations or options and may each find application. Designers consciously working within this more recent framework of philosophy and practice seek a blending of nature and technology, regarding ecology as the basis for design. Some believe that strategies of conservation, stewardship, and regeneration can be applied at all levels of scale from the individual building to the community, with benefit to the human individual and local and planetary ecosystems.

Environmental designers in this newer sense may be architects, engineers, biologists, landscape designers, urban planners, waste-management experts, and so on.


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