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Iberian Peninsula

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The Iberian Peninsula, or Iberia, is located in the extreme southwest of Europe. It is bordered on the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the north and west by the Atlantic Ocean. The Pyrenees form the northeast edge of the peninsula, connecting it to the rest of Europe. At Gibraltar in the south, it approaches Africa.

topographic map of the Iberian Peninsula


Countries & Territories

  • Andorra, a microstate bordering France and Spain in the Pyrenees
  • Spain, occupying the majority of Iberia
  • Portugal, the western most part
  • Gibraltar, British territory in the southern-most tip


The following official languages are spoken in the Iberian peninsula:

Pre-Roman languages

The following languages were spoken in the Iberian peninsula before the Roman occupation:

  • Lusitan
  • Aquitan (Basque)
  • Iberian
  • Celtiberian
  • Tartessian


In medieval times the peninsula housed many small states. However these amalgamated over time, until the end of the Napoleonic Wars (including the Peninsular War) in 1815. At that point the modern position was reached and the peninsula now consists of the countries of Spain and Portugal (excluding their islands and Ceuta and Melilla), Andorra, and the territory of Gibraltar.

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