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Institute of Destination Architects & Designers

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The Institute of Destination Architects & Designers (IDAD) is an international professional organization for destination architects and designers who work in themeing, resort-hospitality and coastal space planning. The Destination and Coastal Architect-Designer is an individual in the profession of design or architecture, who embodies the necessary education and creativity to develop theme, resort, hospitality and waterfront projects which are intended to increase the attractant value, business savvy, environmental sustainability, social/cultural and economic resources of the stakeholders/clients who are seeking imaginitive and innovative solutions to hospitality, travel and tourism initiatives.

The Destination Design process combines preliminary architectural design with theatrical design, entertainment design, and theme design for the development of destinations, with particular attention to marine/waterfront/coastal issues.

See also: destination architects.

IDAD underwrites many awards including the IDAD Gold Medal.

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