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List of European cities with alternative names

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Most cities in Europe have alternative names in different languages. Some cities have also undergone name changes for political or other reasons. This article attempts to give all known alternative names for all major European cities. It also includes some smaller towns that are important because of their location or history.

For the purposes of this article, Europe includes Turkey, Cyprus and all the republics of the former Soviet Union. A number of important Mediterranean Basin cities are also included.

This article does not offer any opinion about what the "original", "official", "real", or "correct" name of any city is or was. Cities are listed alphabetically by their current best-known name in English. The English version is followed by variants in other languages, in alphabetical order by name, and then by any historical variants and former names.

Foreign names that are the same as their English equivalents may be listed, to provide an answer to the question "What is that name in..."?.

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English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Aabenraa Åbenrå (Danish), Apenrade (German)
Aachen Aix-la-Chapelle (French), Aken (Dutch), Akwizgran (Polish), Aquisgrà (Catalan), Aquisgrán (Spanish), Aquisgrana (Italian, Portuguese), Cáchy (Czech)
Aarhus √Örhus (Danish)
Adrianople Adhrian√ļpolis - Αδριανούπολις (Greek), Adrianopel (German), Adrianopla (Portuguese), Adrianopol (Polish, Romanian, Slovak), Adrianopole (Romanian), Adrianopoli (Italian), Adrianopolis (Czech, Dutch), Adrian√≥polis (Spanish), Drin√°poly (Hungarian), Drinopol (variant in Czech and Slovak), Edirne (Czech, Dutch, Serbian, Slovak, Turkish), Hadrianople (variant in English), Odrin (Bulgarian)
Albacete Albacete (Spanish), al-Basīt (Arabic)
Alexandroupolis Alexandhr√ļpolis - Αλεξανδρούπολις (Greek), Alexandropolis (Dutch), Dedeağa√ß (Turkish)
Algeciras Algeciras (Spanish), al-Jazīra (Arabic)
Algiers Algeri (Italian), Alger (French, Romanian), Algier (German, Polish), Algiers (Dutch), al-Jazā'ir (Arabic), Alžir (Serbian), Alžyras (Lithuanian), Argel (Portuguese, Spanish), Cezayir (Turkish)
Alicante Akra Leuke (Ancient Greek), Alacant (Catalan), Alicante (Spanish), Alikantė (Lithuanian), al-Laqant (Arabic), Lucentum (Latin)
Almaty Alma-Ata (Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Turkish), Ałma Ata (Polish), Almata (Lithuanian), Almaty (Kazakh)
Amsterdam Amstardām (Arabic), Amsterdam (Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Swedish), Amsterdamas (Lithuanian), Amsterd√£o (Portuguese), Amsterodam (Czech), Amszterdam (Hungarian), Aemstelredamme / Amstelredam (old Dutch names)
Ankara Ancara (Portuguese), Ancyra (Latin), Angora (former English name, Italian [obs.]), Ankara (Polish, Turkish), √Ānkira - Άγκυρα (Greek), Anqara (Arabic)
Anklam Anklam (German), Nakło nad Pianą (Polish)
Antioch Antakya (Turkish), Antioche (French), Antiochia (Italian, German, Polish, Slovak), Antiochie (Czech), Antiokia (Finnish, Swedish), Antioquía (Portuguese, Spanish)
Antwerp Amberes (Spanish), Amv√©rsa - Αμβέρσα (Greek), Antu√©rpia (Portuguese), Antverpen (Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian), Antverpenas (Lithuanian), Antverpene (Latvian), Antverpy (Czech, Slovak), Antwīrb (Arabic), Antwerpen (Dutch, Finnish, German, Swedish), Antwerpia (Polish), Anvers (French), Anversa (Italian)
Aquileia Akwileja (Polish), Aquileia (Italian), Aquileja (German), Oglej (Slovene)
Archangel Arc√°ngel (Spanish), Archangelsk (German), Archangelskas (Lithuanian), Archangielsk (Polish), Arhanđel (Serbian), Arhanghelsk (Romanian), Arkangeli (Finnish), Arkhangel'sk (Russian)
Arnhem Arnheim (German), Arnhem (Dutch, Polish), Arnhim (Frisian)
Arras Arasu - アラス (Japanese), Arazzo (medieval Italian), Arras (French, German, Italian, Swedish), Atrecht (Dutch)
Aschaffenburg Aschaffenburg (German), Aschaffenburgo (Spanish)
Ashkhabad Ašchab√°d (Czech, Slovak), Aschchabad / Aschgabad / Aschgabat (German), Ašgabat (Finnish), Aşgabat / Aşkabat (Turkish), Aşhabad (Romanian), Ašhabad (Serbian), Ashgabat (Turkmen), Ashkhabad (Russian), Ashxobod (Uzbek), Asjchabad (Dutch), Aszchabad (Polish), Išq Ābād (Arabic)
Assisi Ascesi (medieval Italian), As√≠s (Spanish), Assis (Portuguese), Assise (French), Assisi (Dutch, German, Italian), Asyż (Polish)
Astana Akmolinsk (Russian), Akmola (Finnish), Akmola (variant in Russian), Akmoła (former Polish), Aqmola (former Kazakh), Astana (Kazakh, Polish), Tselinograd (former Russian)
Athens Afiny (Russian, Ukrainian), Ateena (Finnish), Aten (Norwegian, Swedish), Atena (Croatian, Romanian), Atėnai (Lithuanian), Atenas (Portuguese, Spanish), Atēnas (Latvian), Atene (Italian), Atenes (Catalan), At√©ny (Czech, Slovak), Ateny (Polish), Athen (Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish), Ath√©n (Hungarian), Aþena (Icelandic), Athene (Dutch), Ath√®nes (French), Ath√©ny (alternative Czech name), Ath√≠na - Αθήνα (Greek), Atīnā (Arabic), Atina (Bulgarian, Serbian, Turkish)
Augsburg Augsbourg (French), Augsburg (German, Polish), Augsburgo (Spanish), Augšpurk / Aušpurk (Czech), Augusta (Italian), Oogsborg (Low Saxon)
Avignon Avenio (Latin), Avignon (French), Avignone (Italian), Avinh√£o (Portuguese), Avi√Ī√≥n (Spanish), Awinion (Polish)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Baku Bakoe (Dutch), Bakou (French), Bākū (Arabic), Bak√ľ (Turkish)
Bar (Montenegro) Antivari (Italian), Bar (Croatian, Serbian); Dioclea or Doclea (Latin; ancient city nearby), Duklja (Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian; same ancient city and medieval state)
Barcelona Barcellona (Italian), Barcelona (Portuguese, Spanish), Barcelone (French), Barcino (Latin), Barna (Spanish abbreviation), Baršalūna (Arabic), Barselona (Lithuanian, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian), Varkel√≥ni - Βαρκελόνη (Greek),
Basel Bâle (French), Basilea (Italian, Romansh, Spanish), Basileia (Portuguese), Basilej (Czech), Basle (variant in English), Bazel (Dutch), B√°zel (Hungarian), Bazel' (Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian), Bazelis (Lithuanian), Bāzil (Arabic), Bazilej (Slovak), Bazylea (Polish), Vasil√≠a - Βασιλεία (Greek)
Bath Aquae Sulis (Latin), Ba√įum / Ba√įan / Ba√įon (Anglo-Saxon)
Bautzen Budyš√≠n (Czech, Slovak, Sorbian/Lusatian), Budziszyn (Polish)
Bela Crkva Bela Crkva (Serbian), Biała Cerkiew (Polish), B√≠l√° Cerevek (Czech)
Belfast Béal Feirste (Irish), Belfastas (Lithuanian)
Belford Beffert (German), Befert (old German)
Belgrade Bělehrad (Czech), Belehrad (Slovak), Belgrad (Bulgarian, Finnish, German, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish), Belgr√°d (Hungarian), Belgrada (Latvian), Belgradas (Lithuanian), Belgrado (Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Beograd (Croatian, Danish), Beograd - Београд (Serbian), Bilġrād (Arabic), Bjelhrad (Ukrainian), N√°ndorfeh√©rv√°r (former Hungarian), Singidunum (Latin), Velighr√°dhi (Greek)
Berat Berat / Berati (Albanian), Alb√°nsk√Ĺ Bělehrad (Czech)
Bergen (Norway) Bergen (Norwegian), Bergenas (Lithuanian), Björgvin (Icelandic)
Berlin Barlīn (Arabic), Berliin (Estonian), Berliini (Finnish), Berlijn (Dutch), Berlim (Portuguese), Berlín (Czech, Icelandic, Slovak, Spanish), Berlin (Croatian, Danish, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish), Berlīne (Latvian), Berlino (Italian, Esperanto), Berlyn (Afrikaans, Frisian), Berlynas (Lithuanian), Verol√≠no (Greek)
Berne Bern (Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian), Berna (Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Romansh, Spanish), Bernas (Lithuanian), Berno (Polish), V√©rni - Βέρνη (Greek)
Białowieża Bělověž (Czech), Białowieża (Polish)
Biel/Bienne Belenus (Latin), Biel (German), Bienne (French)
Biella Biella (Italian), Bugella (Latin)
Bilbao Bilbao (Spanish), Bilbau (Portuguese), Bilbo (Basque), El Botxo or El Bocho (Spanish nickname)
Bishkek Bichkek (French), Bischkek (German), Biškek (Finnish, Serbian), Bişkek (Romanian, Turkish), Biškekas (Lithuanian), Biszkek (Polish); Frunze (former name)
Bischofswerda Bischofswerda (German), Biskupice (Polish)
Bologna Bologna (Italian, Romanian), Bologne (French), Boloňa (Czech), Bolonha (Portuguese), Bolonia (Polish, Spanish), Bolonija (Lithuanian), Bolonja (Serbian), Bolonya (Turkish)
Bolzano Bolzano (Italian), Bozen (German)
Bordeaux Bordeaux (French), Bordèu (Gascon), Bordéus (Portuguese), Bordo (Lithuanian), Bordozo (Esperanto), Burdeos (Spanish), Burdigala (Latin)
Bonn Bona (Lithuanian, Portuguese), Bonna or Castrum Bonnense (Latin), V√≥ni - Βόννη (Greek)
Braniewo Braniewo (Polish), Braunsberg (German), Brus (Old Prussian)
Brasov Braşov (Romanian), Brass√≥ (Hungarian), Brasz√≥w (Polish), Kronstadt (German), Stephan√≥polis (Greek)
Bratislava Bratislava - Братислава (Bulgarian), Bratislava (Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish), Bratyslava (Ukrainian), Bratysława (Polish), Pozsony (Hungarian), Presbourg (French till 1919), Pressburg (variant in German), Prešporok (Slovak till 1919)
[Note: The name was officially changed from Pressburg/Prešporok/Pozsony to Bratislava in 1919; for a list of older names see Bratislava]
Břeclav Břeclav (Czech), Lundenburg (German)
Bremen Br√©ma (Hungarian), Brema (Italian, Polish, Spanish), Brême (French), Bremen (Afrikaans, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Frisian, German, Portuguese, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish), Brėmenas (Lithuanian), Br√©my (Czech, Slovak), Brimarborg (Icelandic), Vr√©mi (Greek)
Bremerhaven Bremerhaven (German), Br√©msk√Ĺ Př√≠stav (Czech)
Brest (Belarus) Brasta (Lithuanian), Brest-Litovsk (former English and Russian name), Brześć Litewski (Polish), Brześć nad Bugiem (Polish 1918-1939); Lietuvos Brasta (former Lithuanian name)
Bristol Caerodor (Welsh)
Brno Brno (Czech), Br√ľnn (German, Hungarian)
Bruges Briž (Macedonian, Serbian), Bruges (French, Portuguese), Brugge (Dutch), Brügge (German), Bruggia (old Italian), Bruggy (Slovak), Brugia (Polish), Brugy (Czech), Brujas (Spanish), Brygge (Finnish)
Brunt√°l Bruntal (Polish), Brunt√°l (Czech), Freudenthal (German)
Brunswick Braunschweig (German, Slovene, variant in English), Braunšvajg (Serbian), Brunšvik (Czech), Brunsvique (Portuguese), Brunswick (French, Italian, Spanish), Brunswijk (Dutch), Brunszwik (Polish)
Brussels Br√©issel (Luxembourgish), Brisel (Macedonian, Serbian), Brisele (Latvian), Briuselis (Lithuanian), Br√ľksel (Turkish), Bruksela (Polish), Brūksil (Arabic), Brusel (Czech, Slovak), Brusela (Basque), Bruselas (Spanish), Bruselles (Catalan), Brussel (Dutch, Norwegian), Br√ľssel (German), Brusselle (Italian [obs.]), Br√ľsszel (Hungarian), Bruxelas (Portuguese), Bruxelles (Danish, French, Italian, Romanian), Bryssel (Danish, Finnish, Swedish), Bryuksel (Bulgarian), Bryussel (Russian, Ukrainian), Vrix√©les - Βρυξέλλες (Greek)
Bucharest Boekarest (Dutch), Bucarest (French, Italian, Spanish), Bucareste (Portuguese), Bucureşti (Romanian), Bukarest (Danish, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Swedish), Bukareštas (Lithuanian), Bukareste (Latvian), Bukareszt (Polish), Bukharest (Russian, Ukrainian), B√ľkreş (Turkish), Bukurešt (Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian), Bukurešť (Czech, Slovak), Būqārist (Arabic), Voukour√©sti (Greek)
Buda (now part of Budapest) Buda (Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese), Budín (Czech), Budin (Turkish), Ofen (German)
Budapest Boedapest (Dutch), Būdābist (Arabic), Budapest (Italian, German, Hungarian), Budapešt (Russian, Ukrainian), Budapešť (Czech, Slovak), Budapešta (Bulgarian), Budapesta (Romanian), Budapeštas (Lithuanian), Budapeste (Portuguese), Budapeşte (Turkish), Budapeszt (Polish), Budimpešta (Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian), Voudhap√©sti (Greek)
Budweis Budweis (German), Budziejowice (Polish), Česk√© Budějovice (Czech, Slovak)
Buje Buie d'Istria (Italian), Buje (Croatian)
Butrint Butrint / Butrinti (Albanian), Butrinto (Italian)
Buzet Buzet (Croatian), Pinguente (Italian)
Bydgoszcz Bromberg (German), Bydgostia (Latin), Bydgoszcz (Polish)
Bytom Beuthen (German), Bytom (Polish)
Bytow Betowo (Kashubian/Pomeranian), Bütow (German), Byt√≥w (Polish)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
C√°diz Cadice (Italian), C√°dis (Portuguese), Cadix (French), C√°diz (Spanish), Gades (Ancient Greek), Gadir (Phoenician), Kadyks (Polish), Kadiz (Serbian), al-Qādis (Arabic)
Cagliari Cagliari (Italian), Càller (Catalan), Casteddu (Sardinian), Kaljari (Serbian)
Cairo Le Caire (French), Ca√Įro (Dutch), Cairo (Portuguese), El Cairo (Spanish), Il Cairo (Italian), K√°hira (Czech), Kair (Polish), Kairas (Lithuanian), Kairo (Bulgarian, Croatian, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Slovene, Swedish), Kair√≥ (Hungarian), al-Qāhirah (Arabic), Maşr (local dialect name)
Cambridge (England) Caergrawnt (Welsh), Cantabrigia (Latin), Cantabr√≠gia (Portuguese), Kembridžas (Lithuanian)
Canterbury Caergaint (Welsh), Cantorbéry (French), Kantaraborg (Icelandic), Kantelberg (Dutch)
Carcassonne Carcassona (Italian), Carcassonne (French)
Cardiff Caerdydd (Welsh), Kārdifa (Latvian)
Carlsbad Karlovi Vari (Bulgarian, Croatian), Karlovy Vary (Czech), Karlsbad (German, Swedish)
Cartagena Cartagena (Spanish), Cartagina (Romanian), Carthag√®ne (French), Carthago Nova (Latin), al-Qartājanna (Arabic)
Celje Celeia (Latin), Celje (Slovene), Celle (German), Cille (Hungarian), Cilli (older English (1911 EB), older German), Kelea (Celtic)
Cetinje Cettigne (Italian), Cetinje (Serbian)
Cheb Cheb (Czech), Eger (German)
Chełmno Chełmno (Polish), Culm (variant in German), Kulm (German)
Chemnitz Chemnitz (German), Kamienica Saska (Polish), Sask√° Kamenice (Czech); Karl-Marx-Stadt (German 1953-1990)
Chernyakhovsk Chernyakhovsk (Russian), Insterburg (German), Įsrutis (Lithuanian), Wystruc (Polish)
Chester Caer (Welsh)
Chişinău Chişinău (Moldovan/Romanian), Chisinau (Portuguese), Kešenev (Yiddish), Kischinew (German), Kishinjov - Кишинёв (Russian), Kīšīnāw (Arabic), Kišineu (Bulgarian), Kišiněv (Czech), Kišiniovas (Lithuanian), Kišinjev (Serbian), Kišiňov (Slovak), Kisinyov (Hungarian), Kiszyniów (Polish), Kyšyniv (Ukrainian)
Chorz√≥w Chorz√≥w (Polish), Kr√°lova Huť (Czech)
Cieszyn Cieszyn (Polish), Teschen (German), Těš√≠n (Czech), Teš√≠n (Slovak)
Cleves Cléveris (Spanish), Clèves (French), Kleef (Dutch), Kleve (German)
Cluj Claudiopolis (Latin), Cluj-Napoca (Romanian), Klausenburg (German), Kluž (Czech, Slovak), Kluż (Polish), Kolozsv√°r (Hungarian)
Coblenz Coblença (Portuguese), Coblence (French), Coblenza (Italian, Spanish), Koblencja (Polish), Koblenz (German, Slovene)
Coburg Cobourg (French), Coburg (German), Coburgo (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish)
Coimbra Coimbra (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Coimbre (French), Conimbriga (Latin), Qulumriya (Arabic)
Cologne Cologne (French), Colonia (Italian, Spanish), Col√≥nia (Portuguese), Keln (Serbian), Kelnas (Lithianian), Keulen (Dutch), Kjol'n (Russian, Ukrainian), Kol√≠n nad R√Ĺnem (Czech), Kol√≠n nad R√Ĺnom (Slovak), K√∂lle (K√∂lsch [local dialect]), Köln (Finnish, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish), Kolon√≠a (Greek), Kolonia (Polish)
Copenhagen Copenaghen (Italian), Copenhaga (Portuguese, Romanian), Copenhague (French, Spanish), Hafnia (Latin), Kaupmannah√∂fn (Icelandic), Kobenhaven (Slovene), K√łbenhavn (Danish, Norwegian), Kūbinhāġin (Arabic), Kodaň (Czech, Slovak), K√∂√∂penhamina (Finnish), Kopengagen (Bulgarian, Russian), Kopenhaagen (Estonian), Kopenhag (Turkish), Kopenhaga (Lithuanian, Polish), Kopenhagen (Croatian, Dutch, German), Kopenhāgena (Latvian), K√∂penhamn (Swedish), Kopenkh√°gi (Greek), Koppenh√°ga (Hungarian)
Córdoba Córdoba (Spanish), Cordoue (French), Còrdova (Catalan), Cordova (Italian), Córdova (Portuguese), Kordoba (Slovene), al-Qurduba (Arabic)
Corfu Corcyra (Latin), Corfou (French), Corf√Ļ (Italian), Corf√ļ (Spanish), Kérkira - Κέρκυρα (Greek), Korfu (Finnish, German, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak), Krf (Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene)
Corinth Corint (Catalan), Corinthe (French), Corinto (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Korint (Croatian, Czech, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene), Kórinta (Icelandic), Korintas (Lithuanian), Korinth (German), Korinthe (Dutch), Kórinthos - Κόρινθος (Greek), Korintti (Finnish), Korynt (Polish)
Cork Corc (Welsh), Corcaigh (Irish)
Corunna La Corogne (French), A Coru√Īa (Galician), La Coru√Īa (Spanish), Corunha (Portuguese)
Cottbus Chociebuż (Polish), Chóśebuz (Sorbian), Chotěbuz (Czech)
Cracow Cracovia (Italian, Spanish, Romanian), Crac√≥via (Portuguese), Cracovie (French), Kraka (Yiddish), Krakau (Dutch, German), Krakiv (Ukrainian), Krakk√≥ (Hungarian), Krakov (Croatian, Czech, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Turkish), Krakova (Finnish), Krakov√≠a - Κρακοβία (Greek), Krakovo (Esperanto), Kraków (Polish), Krākūf (Arabic), Krokuva (Lithuanian)
Cr√©cy Cr√©cy-en-Ponthieu (French), Kresčak (Czech)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Debrecen Debrecen (Hungarian), Debrec√≠n (Czech), Debreţin (Romanian)
Den Bosch Bois-le-Duc (French), Bolduque (Spanish), Boscoducale (Italian [obs.]), Den Bos (Frisian), Den Bosch / 's-Hertogenbosch (Dutch), Herzogenbusch (German)
Dijon Digione (Italian), Dijon (French), Diviodunum (Latin)
Dillingen Dilinga (Spanish), Dillingen (German)
Donetsk Doneţk (Romanian), Donetsk (Russian), Donetskas (Lithuanian), Donezk (German), Donieck (Polish), Donjeck (Serbian); Stalino (former name), Yuzovka (former name)
Dover Douvres (French), Doveris (Lithuanian), Duvra (Latvian)
Dresden Dr√°žďany (Czech, Slovak), Dresda (Italian, Portuguese, Romanian), Dresde (French, Spanish), Dr√©sdi (Greek), Drezda (Hungarian), Drezdenas (Lithuanian), Drezno (Polish)
Dubrovnik Dubrovnik (Croatian, Serbian), Dubrovnikas (Lithuanian), Ragusa (Italian)
Dublin Baile Átha Cliath (Irish), Dablin (Arabic, Serbian), Dhuvl√≠no - Δουβλίνο (Greek), Dublim (Portuguese), Dubl√≠n (Spanish), Dublinas (Lithuanian), Dublino (Italian), Dulenn (Breton), Dulyn (Welsh), Dyflinni (Icelandic)
Dunkirk Dhunkérki - Δουγκέρκη (Greek), Duinkerken (Dutch), Dunkerque (French), Dunkierka (Polish), D√ľnkirchen (German), Dunquerque (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish)
Durr√ęs Drač (Croatian, Czech, Serbian), Durazzo (Italian), Durr√ęs / Durr√ęsi (Albanian)
D√ľsseldorf Diuseldorfas (Lithuanian), Dizeldorf (Macedonian), D√ľsseldorf (German), Dusseld√≥rfia (Portuguese), Dusseldorp (Dutch)
Dushanbe Doesjanbe (Dutch), Douchanb√© (French), Dušanbe (Finnish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Tajik), Dušanbė (Lithuanian), Duşanbe (Romanian, Turkish), Dūšānbī (Arabic), Duschanbe (German), Dusjanbe (Swedish), Duszanbe (Polish); Hissar (former name)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Edinburgh D√ļn √Čideann (Irish), D√Ļn √ąideann (Scots Gaelic), Edhimv√ļrgho - Εδιμβούργο (Greek), Edimbourg (French), Edimburgo (Italian, Portuguese), Edinburg (German [rare]), Edinburga (Latvian), Edinburgas (Lithuanian), Edinburk (Czech), Edynburg (Polish)
Eger Eger (Hungarian), Eğri (Turkish), Erlau (German), Jager (Czech), J√°ger (Slovak), Jagier (Polish)
Eisenh√ľttenstadt Eisenh√ľttenstadt (German), Żelazowa Huta (Polish), Stalinstadt (former German name)
Elbląg Elbiąg (local Polish dialect), Elbląg (Polish), Elbing (German), Ilfing or Truso (Old Prussian)
Ełk Ełk (Polish), Lyck (German)
Elsinore Elseneur (French), Elsinor (Spanish), Elsinore (Italian), Helsingør (Danish), Helsingör (Finnish, German, Swedish)
Emmerich Emmerich (German), Emmerik (Dutch)
Erlangen Erlangen (German), Erlanky (Czech)
Esztergom Esztergom (Hungarian), Gran (German), Ostřihom (Czech), Ostrihom (Slovak), Ostrzyhom (Polish)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Flensburg Flensborch (Low Saxon), Flensborg (Danish), Flensburg (German)
Florence Firenca (Croatian, Serbian), Firenze (Finnish, Hungarian, Italian), Floransa (Turkish), Floren√ßa (Portuguese), Flor√®ncia (Catalan), Florencia (Slovak, Spanish), Florencie (Czech), Florencija (Lithuanian), Florencja (Polish), Florens (Swedish), Florenţa (Romanian), Florenz (German)
Flushing Flesinga (Spanish), Flessinga (Italian), Flessingue (French), Vlissingen (Dutch)
Fort Augustus Cille Chumein (Scots Gaelic)
Frankfurt Francfort (Catalan), Fr√°ncfort del Meno (Spanish), Francfort-sur-le-Main (French), Francoforte sobre o Meno (Portuguese), Francoforte sul Meno (Italian), Frankfurt am Main (German), Frankfurtas prie Maino (Lithuanian), Frankf√ļrti - Φραγκφούρτη (Greek), Frankfurt nad Menem (Polish), Frankfurt nad Mohanom (Slovak), Frankfurt pe Main (Romanian)
Frankfurt (East Germany) Fr√°ncfort del Oder (Spanish), Francfort-sur-l'Oder (French), Francoforte sobre o Oder (Portuguese), Francoforte sull'Oder (Italian), Frankfurt an der Oder (German), Frankfurtas prie Oderio (Lithuanian), Frankfurt nad Odrą (Polish), Frankfurt nad Odrou (Slovak), Frankfurt pe Oder (Romanian)
Freiburg Freiburg im Breisgau (German), Fribourg-en-Brisgau (French), Friburgo di Brisgovia (Italian)
Freising Brižinje/Brižine (Slovene), Freising (German), Frisinga (Italian, Spanish), Frisingue (French)
Fribourg Freiburg im √úechtland (German), Fribourg (French), Friburg (Romansh), Friburgo (Italian, Portuguese)
Frombork Frauenburg (German), Frombork (Polish)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Gallipoli Galipolis (Lithuanian), Galipolje (Croatian, Serbian), Gallipoli (Italian), Gelibolu (Turkish), Kal√≠polis - Καλλίπολις (Greek)
Galway Gaillimh (Irish Gaelic)
Gdańsk Danzica (Italian), Danzig (German), Gdaňsk (Czech), Gdańsk (Polish), Gdanskas (Lithuanian), Gduńsk (Kashubian)
Gdynia Gdingen (German), Gdini√ī (Kashubian/Pomeranian), Gdyně (Czech), Gdynė (Lithuanian), Gdynia (Polish), Gotenhafen (German 1939-1945)
Geneva Cenevre (Turkish), Genebra (Portuguese), Geneve / Gen√®ve (Dutch), Geneve (Finnish), Gen√®ve (French), Genevra (Romansh), Genewa (Polish), Genf (German, Hungarian), Ginebra (Catalan, Spanish), Ginevra (Italian), Jinīf (Arabic), Yen√©vi - Γενέβη (Greek), Ženeva (Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Lithuanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Ukrainian)
Genoa Cenova (Turkish), Đenova (Serbian), G√™nes (French), G√®nova (Catalan), Genova (Finnish, Italian, Romanian), G√©nova / G√™nova (Portuguese), G√©nova (Spanish), Genua (Dutch, German, Latin, Polish), Genuja (Lithuanian), Janov (Czech, Slovak), Zena (Genoese)
Ghent Gand (French), Gandawa (Polish), Gante (Spanish), Gent (Dutch/Flemish, Finnish, German), Guanto (old Italian)
Gibraltar Cebelitarık (Turkish), Gibilterra (Italian), Gibraltar (Spanish), Gibraltaras (Lithuanian)
Girona Gerona (Spanish), Girona (Catalan)
Gjirokast√ęr Argirocastro (Italian), Aryir√≥kastro (Greek), Gjirokast√ęr / Gjirokastra (Albanian)
Glarus Glaris (French), Glarona (Italian), Glaruna (Romansh), Glarus (German)
Gliwice Gleiwitz (German), Gliwice (Polish)
Gm√ľnd Cmunt (Czech), Gm√ľnd (German)
Gorizia Gorica (Slovene), Gorizia (Italian), Görz (German)
G√∂rlitz G√∂rlitz (German), Zgorzelec (Polish), Zhořelec (Czech)
Gothenburg Gioteburgas (Lithuanian), Goeteborg (Polish), Göteborg (Finnish, German, Swedish), Göteburg (Turkish), Gotemburgo (Portuguese, Spanish), Gotenburg (Dutch, German [obs.])
G√∂ttingen Getynga (Polish), Getynky (Czech), Gœttingue (French), Gotinga (Spanish, Portuguese), Gottinga (Italian)
Gramzow Gramzow (German), Grębowo (Polish)
Granada al-Ġarnāda (Arabic), Granada (Italian, Spanish, Lithuanian), Grenade (French)
Graz Gradec (Slovene), Graz (German), Grodziec (Polish), Št√Ĺrsk√Ĺ Hradec (Czech)
Greifswald Greifswald (German), Gryfia (Polish)
Grodno Grodno (Polish, Russian), Hrodna (Belarusian), Hrodno (Ukrainian), Gardinas (Lithuanian)
Groningen Grins (Frisian), Groninga (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Groningen (Dutch, German), Groningue (French), Grönnen / Grunnen / Grunn'n (Gronings), Groot Loug or Stad (local nicknames)
Grozny Djovkhar Ghaala (Chechen), Džochargala (alternative Lithuanian name), Groznas (Lithuanian), Grozn√ģi (Romanian), Groznyj - Грозный (Russian)
Grudziądz Graudenz (German), Grudziądz (Polish)
G√ľnzburg G√ľnzburg (German), Gunzburgo (Spanish)
Gusev Gabin (Polish), Gumbinė (Lithuanian), Gumbinnen (German), Gusev - Гусев (Russian)
Győr Győr (Hungarian), Raab (German), R√°b (Czech)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Haderslev Hadersleben (German), Haderslev (Danish)
Hamburg Amburgo (Italian), Amv√ļrgho - Αμβούργο (Greek), Gamburg - Гамбург (Russian), Hamborg (Danish, Swedish), Hambourg (French), Hamburch (Frisian, Low Saxon), Hambūrġ (Arabic), Hamburg (Afrikaans, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian), Hamburgas (Lithuanian), Hamburgo (Portuguese, Spanish), Hamburk (Czech), Hampuri (Finnish)
Hämeenlinna Hämeenlinna (Finnish), Tavastehus (Swedish)
Hamelin Hamelen (Dutch), Hamelin (French, Italian, Portuguese), Hamelín (Spanish), Hameln (German)
Hanau Hanau (German), Hanava (Czech)
Hanover An√≥vero - Ανόβερο (Greek), Ganover - Гановер (Russian), Hannover (Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian), Han√īver (Portuguese), Han√≥ver (Spanish), Hanoveris (Lithuanian), Hanovra (Romanian), Hanovre (French), Hanower (Polish)
Heligoland Helgoland (German)
Helsinki Els√≠nki (Greek), Helsingfors (Danish, Swedish), Helsingi (Estonian), Hel'sinki (Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian), Helsinki (Finnish, Italian, Polish), Helsinkis (Lithuanian), Helsinky (Czech), Helsinque (Brazilian Portuguese), Hels√≠nquia (Portuguese), Helsset (North Sami), Hilsīnkī (Arabic)
Heraklion Candia (Italian), Iraklion (Greek, Polish), Kandiye (Turkish)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Innsbruck Innsbruck (German), Inomost (Old Slovene), Inomost√≠ / Inšpruk (Czech), Insbrukas (Lithuanian)
Ioannina Giannina (Italian), Ianina (Aromanian), Ioannina (Finnish), Io√°nnina - Ιωάννινα (Greek), Janin√ę / Janina (Albanian), Y√°nena - Γιάννενα / Y√°nina - Γιάννινα (Greek variants), Yanya (Turkish)
Istanbul Constantinoble (Catalan), Estambul (Spanish), Istambul (Croatian, Italian, Portuguese, Serbian), Istanboel (Dutch), Istanbūl (Arabic), Istanbuł / Stambuł (Polish), Istanbul (Romanian), İstanbul (Turkish), Isztambul (Hungarian), Konstantin√ļpoli (Greek), Mikligar√įur (Icelandic), Stamboll (Albanian), Stamboul (French), Stambul (Russian, Ukrainian), Stambula (Latvian), Stambulas (Lithuanian)
Former names: Biz√°nc / Konstantin√°poly (Hungarian), Bizanc / Carigrad / Konstantinopel (Slovene), Biz√Ęncio / Constantinopla (Portuguese), Bizancjum / Carogród / Konstantynopol (Polish), Bizant / Carigrad / Konstantinopol (Croatian, Serbian), Bizanţ / Constantinopol(e) / Stambul / Ţarigrad (Romanian), Bisanzio / Costantinopoli (Italian), Bysants / Konstantinopel (Norwegian), Byzantion (Greek), Byzantium / Constantinople (English), Byzantium / Constantinopolis (Latin), Carigrad (Croatian, Serbian), Cařihrad / Konstantinopol (Czech), Carihrad / Konštant√≠nopol (Slovak), Constantinopel (Dutch), Konstantinopel (German), Konstantinopoli (Finnish), Miklagard (Old Norse), Tsarigrad (Russian); Estambul, Konstantinopyla, Koshta, Koshtandina, Kospoli, Kostan (other variants during Ottoman period)
Izmir Esmirna (Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish), İzmir (Turkish), Smirna (Serbian, old Romanian name), Smirne (Italian), Smirni (Greek), Smyrna (variant in English)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Jakobstad Jakobstad (Swedish), Pietarsaari (Finnish)
Jena Iéna (French), Iena (Romanian), Jena (German)
Jihlava Iglau (German), Jihlava (Czech)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Kaliningrad Kalinjingrad (Croatian), Kaljinjingrad (Serbian), Karaliaučius (Lithuanian), Koningsbergen (Dutch), K√∂nigsberg (German), Kr√°lovec (Czech), Kr√≥lewiec (former Polish name)
Kandalaksha Kandalaksha (Russian), Kannanlahti / Kantalahti (Finnish)
Kartuzy Karthaus (German), Kartuzy (Polish)
Katowice Katovicai (Lithuanian), Katovice (Czech, Serbian), Katoviçe (Turkish), Katowice (Polish), Kattowitz (German); Stalinogród (Polish 1953-1956)
Kaunas Kauen (German), Kaunas (Lithuanian), Kovno (Czech), Kowno (Polish)
Kem' Kem' (Russian), Kemi or Vienan Kemi (Finnish)
Kętrzyn Kętrzyn (Polish), Rastenburg (German)
Kharkov Charkov (Czech, Slovak), Charkovas (Lithuanian), Charków (Polish), Harkov (Romanian), Harkova (Finnish), Karkov (Turkish), Kharkiv (Ukrainian), Kharkov (Russian)
Kiel Kiel (German), Kilonia (Polish), Kylis (Lithuanian), Quília (Portuguese)
Kiev K√¶nugar√įur (Icelandic), Kiav (Yiddish), Ki√ęv (Dutch), Kiev (Italian), K√≠ev (Portuguese, Spanish), Kiev - Киев (Russian), K√≠evo (Greek), Kiew (German), Kijev (Croatian, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovene), Kijeva (Latvian), Kijevas (Lithuanian), Kij√≥w (Polish), Kiova (Finnish), Kīyif (Arabic), Ky√Įv - Київ (Ukrainian), Kyjev (Czech, Slovak)
Kilkenny Cill Chainnigh (Irish)
Kiruna Giron (Sami), Kiiruna (Finnish)
Klagenfurt Celovec (Czech, Slovene), Klagenfurt (German), Želanec (alternative Czech name)
Klaipeda Klaipeda (Finnish), Klaipėda (Lithuanian), Kłajpeda (Polish), Memel (German)
Kobarid Caporetto (Finnish), Kobarid (Slovene)
Kondopoga Kondopoga (Russian), Kontiolahti (Finnish)
Konstanz Constance (French, variant in English), Const√Ęncia (Portuguese), Costanza (Italian), Konstancja (Polish), K√∂stence (Turkish), Kostnice (Czech)
Köpenick Köpenick (German), Kopník (Czech)
Koper Capodistria (Italian), Kopar (Croatian, Serbian), Koper (Slovene)
Košice Kaschau (German), Kassa (Hungarian), Košice (Serbian, Slovak), Koszyce (Polish)
Kosovo Polje Amselfeld (German), Champ des merles (French), Fushe Koseve (Albanian), Kosovo Polje (Serbian), Kosowe Pole (Polish), Rig√≥mező (Hungarian)
Kotor Cattaro (Italian), Kotor (Croatian, Serbian)
Krems Krems (German), Kremže / Křemže (Czech)
Kristianstad Kristianstad (Swedish), Kristianstadas (Lithuanian)
Kristinestad Christinae Stadh (older Swedish name), Kristiinankaupunki (Finnish), Kristingrad (Serbian)
Krnov Carnovia (Latin), Jägerndorf (German), Karniów (older Polish name), Krnov (Czech), Krnów (Polish)
Kudowa Zdrój Chudoba (Czech), Kudowa-Zdrój (Polish)
Kwidzyn Kwidzyn (Polish), Marienwerder (German)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Labin Albona (Italian), Labin (Croatian)
Lahti Lahti (Finnish, Slovene), Lahtis (Swedish)
Lappeenranta Lappeenranta (Finnish), Villmanstrand (Swedish)
Lausanne Lausanne (French), Lausana (Spanish), Losanna (Italian), Lozan (Turkish), Lozana (Serbian), Loz√°ni (Greek), Lozanna (Polish), Luzana (Slovene)
Leeuwarden Leeuwarden (Dutch), Ljouwert (Frisian)
Leghorn Liorna (Spanish), Livorno (Italian, Finnish, German, Romanian), Livourne (French)
Leiden Leida (Italian), Leiden (Dutch, Slovene), Lejda (Polish), Leyde (French), Leyden (variant in English)
Leipzig Lajpcig (Serbian), Leipcigas (Lithuanian), Leipzig (French, German, Slovene), Lipcse (Hungarian), Lipsca (old Romanian), Lipsía (Greek), Lipsia (Italian), Lípsia (Portuguese), Lipsk (Polish), Lipsko (Czech, Slovak)
Lębork Lauenburg (German), Lębork (Polish)
Lezh√ę Lezh√ę / Lezha (Albanian), Alessio (Italian)
Liege Li√®ge (French), Liegi (Italian), Lieja (Catalan, Spanish), Liež (Serbian), Luik (Dutch), Lutych (Czech), L√ľttich (German)
Lier Lier (Dutch), Lierre (French)
Lille Lilla (Catalan, Italian), Lille (French), Rijsel (Dutch)
Limerick Limeriko (Esperanto), Luimneach (Irish)
Linz Linec (Czech), Linz (German, Slovene)
Lisbon Lisabon (Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian), Lisabona (Lithuanian, Romanian), Lisboa (Portuguese, Spanish), Lisbona (Italian), Lisbonne (French), Lisbono (Esperanto), Lišbūna (Arabic), Lissabon (Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Russian, Swedish), Lissav√≥na (Greek), Lisszabon (Hungarian), Lizbon (Turkish), Lizbona (Polish, Slovene)
Liverpool Lerpwl (Welsh), Liverpūle (Latvian), Liverpulis (Lithuanian), Liverpulo (Esperanto), Llynlleifiad (former Welsh)
Ljubljana Laibach (German), Liubliana (Portuguese, Spanish), Liublijana (Lithuanian), Liyūbliyānā (Arabic), Ljubljana (French, Slovene), Lubiana (Italian), Lublaň (Czech), Lublana (Polish), Ľubľana (Slovak), Lubyana (Turkish)
Lleida Lerida (Italian), Lérida (French, Portuguese, Spanish), Lleida (Catalan)
Löbau Löbau (German), Lubiniec (Polish)
London Landan (Arabic), Llundain (Welsh), Londain (Irish), Londen (Dutch), Londh√≠no (Greek), Londinium (Latin), Londona (Latvian), Londonas (Lithuanian), Londono (Esperanto), Londra (Italian, Romanian, Turkish), Londres (Catalan, French, Portuguese, Spanish), Londyn (Polish), Lond√Ĺn (Czech, Slovak), Lontoo (Finnish), Loundres (Cornish), Lund√ļnir (Icelandic), Lunnainn (Scots Gaelic)
Londonderry Derio (Esperanto), Derry (official name in Republic of Ireland), Doire (Irish)
Lourdes Lourdes (French, Italian), Lurdy (Czech)
Louvain Leuven (Dutch), Louvain (French), Lovaina (Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish), Lovaň (Czech), Lovanio (Italian), L√∂wen (German)
L√ľbeck Liubekas (Lithuanian), Lubecca (Italian), L√ľbeck (French, German), Lubek (Czech), Lubeka (Polish), Lyypekki (Finnish)
Lucca Lucca (Italian), Lucques (French), Lukka (Polish)
Lucerne Liucerna (Lithuanian), Lucern (Czech, Slovene), Lucerna (Italian, Romansh, Polish, Romanian, Spanish), Lucerne (French), Lukérni (Greek), Luzern (German, Finnish, Serbian, Turkish), Luzerna (Catalan)
Lule√• Lule√• (Swedish)Lulėja (Lithuanian), Luleo (Serbian), Luulaja (Finnish)
L√ľneburg L√ľneburch (Low Saxon), L√ľneburg (German), Luneburgo (Italian), Lunenburg (variant in English)
Luxembourg L√ętzebuerg (Luxembourgish), Liuksemburgas (Lithuanian), Ljuksemburg (Bulgarian, Russian), Ljuksemburh (Ukrainian), Lucemburk (Czech), Lucsamburg (Irish), Luksemboarch (Frisian), Luksemburg (Croatian, Estonian, Macedonian, Polish, Serbian, Slovene), L√ľksemburg (Turkish), Luksemburga (Latvian), Luksemburgio (Esperanto), Lussemburgo (Italian), Lussimbork (Walloon), L√ļxemborg (Icelandic), Luxemborg / Luxembourg / Luxemburg (Danish), Luxembourg (Afrikaans, French), Luxemburg (Basque variant, Catalan, Dutch, English variant, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish), Luxemburgia (Latin variant), Luxemburgo (Portuguese, Spanish), Luxemburgum (Latin), Luxembursko (Slovak), Luxemv√ļrgho - Λουξεμβούργο (Greek), Luxenburgo (Basque), Lwcsembwrg (Welsh)
L'viv Lavov (Croatian), Lemberg (German, Hungarian), Leopoli (Italian), Leopolis (Latin), Liov (Romanian), L'viv - Львів (Ukrainian), Lvov (Finnish, Slovene), L'vov - Львов (Russian), Ľvov (Slovak), Lvovas (Lithuanian), Lw√≥w (Polish)
Lyon Lião (Portuguese), Lijonas (Lithuanian), Lió (Catalan), Lione (Italian), Liono (Esperanto), Liyon (Serbian), Lugdunum or Lugudunum (Latin), Lyon (French, German, Slovene), Lyón (Spanish), Lyons (traditional English name)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Maastricht Maastricht (Dutch), Maestricht (former French), Mastrique (Spanish), Mestreech (local Limburger dialect), Traiectum ad Mosam or Traiectum superius (Latin), Mastrichtas (Lithuanian)
Madrid Madhríti (Greek), Madri (Portuguese), Madrid (French, Italian, Spanish), Madridas (Lithuanian), Madrido (Esperanto), Madryt (Polish)
Mainz M√§√§nz (local dialect), Magonza (Italian), Maguncia (Spanish), Mainz (German), Majnc (Serbian), Mayence (French), Mog√ļncia (Portuguese), Moguncja (Polish), Moguntiacum (Latin), Mohuč (Czech, Slovak), Meenz (former local dialect)
Malbork Malbork (Polish), Marienburg (German)
Manchester Manceinion (Welsh), Mančestra (Latvian), Manĉestro (Esperanto), Mančesteris (Lithuanian)
Mantua Mantoue (French), Mantova (Italian, Finnish, Czech, Slovak), Mantua (Latin), M√Ęntua (Portuguese)
Maribor Marburg (German), Maribor (Slovene), Morpurgo (old Italian)
Mariehamn Maarianhamina (Finnish), Mariehamn (Swedish)
Marktredwitz Marktredwitz (German), Ředvice (Czech)
Marseilles Marseille (French), Marsel' (Russian), Marselha (Portuguese), Marselj (Serbian), Marseljo (Esperanto), Marsella (Spanish), Marsiglia (Italian), Marsilha (Proven√ßal), Marsilia (Romanian), Marsīliyā (Arabic), Marsilya (Turkish), Marsylia (Polish), Massal√≠a (Greek), Marselis (Lithuanian)
Mechelen Malinas (Spanish), Malines (Catalan, French), Mechelen (Dutch/Flemish), Mecheln (German), Mechlin (older English name)
Meissen Mei√üen (German), M√≠šeň (Czech), Misnia (Italian), Miśnia (Polish)
Melk Medlík (Czech), Melk (German), Mölk (older German name)
Metz Divodurum (Latin), Mec - Мец (Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian), Mety (Czech), Metz (French, German, Italian, Romanian)
Mikkeli Mikkeli (Finnish), St. Michel (Swedish)
Mikulov Mikulov (Czech), Nikolsburg (German)
Milan Mailand (German), Mediolan (Polish), Medi√≥lana (former Greek name), Mediolānum (Latin), Mil√† (Catalan), Milaan (Dutch), Mil√°n (Czech, Spanish), Milano (Croatian, Esperanto, Finnish, Italian, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish), Mil√°no (Greek, Slovak), Mil√°n√≥ (Hungarian), Mīlānū (Arabic), Mil√£o (Portuguese), Milanas (Lithuanian)
Minsk Mensk (Belarusian), Mińsk (Polish), Mins'k (Ukrainian), Minsko (Esperanto), Minszk (Hungarian), Minskas (Lithuanian)
Miskolc Miskolc (Hungarian), Miškovec (Czech, Slovak), Miszkolc (Polish)
Monaco Monaco (Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, Welsh), Monac√≥ (Irish), M√≥naco (Portuguese, Spanish), Monakas (Lithuanian), Monako (Basque, Esperanto, Latvian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Turkish), Monak√≥ - Μονακό (Greek), M√≥nak√≥ (Icelandic), Monoecus (Latin), Munegu (Monegasque)
Mons Bergen (Dutch), Berĥeno (Esperanto), Mons (French)
Montbéliard Mömpelgard (German), Montbéliard (French)
Moscow Maskava (Latvian), Maskva (Belarusian), Mosca (Italian), Moscou (French, Brazilian Portuguese), Moscova (Romanian), Moscovo (Portuguese), Mosc√ļ (Spanish), Moskau (German), M√≥skha (Greek), Moskou (Dutch), Moskova (Finnish, Turkish), Moskva (Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian), Moskvo (Esperanto), Moskwa (Polish), Moszkva (Hungarian), Mūskū (Arabic)
Mosonmagyaróvár Mosonmagyaróvár (Hungarian), Wieselburg-Ungarisch Altenburg (German)
Mukacheve Mukačevo (Czech, Slovak), Mukacheve - Мyкaчeвe (Ukrainian), Mukachevo - Мyкaчeвo (Russian), Mukachiv - Мyкaчiв (Ruthenian), Mukaczewo (Polish), Minkatsh (Yiddish), Munk√°cs (Hungarian), Munkatsch (German)
Mulhouse Milh√ľse or Milh√ľsa (Alsatian), M√ľlhausen (German), Mulhouse (French), Mylh√ļzy (Czech)
Munich Minhen (Serbian), Miunchenas (Lithuanian), Miyūnikh (Arabic), Mjunkhen (Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian), Mnichov (Czech), Mn√≠chov (Slovak), Monachium (Polish), Monaco di Baviera (Italian), M√≥nakho (Greek), M√ľnchen (Dutch, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Low Saxon, Swedish), Munĥeno or Munkeno (Esperanto), M√ļnich (Spanish), M√ľnih (Turkish), Munique (Portuguese)
Murmansk Moermansk (Dutch), Mourmansk (French), Murmansk - Мурманск (Russian), Murmansko (Esperanto), Muurmanni or Muurmanski (older Finnish names), Muurmansk (Finnish); Romanov-on-Murman (former name)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Nancy Nancy (French), Nanzig (German)
Naples Nābūlī (Arabic), Napels (Dutch), N√°poles (Portuguese, Spanish), Napoli (Italian, Finnish, Romanian, Turkish), Napolo (Esperanto), N√†pols (Catalan), N√°poly (Hungarian), Napulj (Croatian, Serbian), Neapel (German), Neapolis (Lithuanian), Neapol (Czech, Polish, Slovak), Neapol' (Russian, Ukrainian), Neapole (old Romanian name), Ne√°poli (modern Greek), Ne√°polis (ancient Greek)
Narbonne Narbo or Narbo Martius (Latin), Narbona (Italian), Narbonne (French)
Neuch√Ętel Neuch√Ętel (French), Neuenburg (German)
Nice Niça (Catalan), Nicea (Polish), Níkea (Greek), Nis (Turkish), Nisa (Romanian), Niza (Spanish), Nizza (Italian, Finnish, German, Hungarian), Nica (Lithuanian)
Newport Casnewydd (Welsh)
Nicosia Lefkoşe (Turkish), Lefkos√≠a (Greek), Nicosia (Hungarian, Italian), Nic√≥sia (Portuguese), Nicosie (French), Nikosia / Lefkosia (Finnish), Nikosia (German), Nikosija (Russian, Ukrainian), Nikosio (Esperanto), Nikozija (Serbian), Nikozja (Polish), Nīqūsiyā (Arabic), Nikozija (Lithuanian)
Nijmegen Nijmegen (Dutch), Nimega (Italian, Spanish), Nimègue (French), Nimwegen (German)
Nizhny Novgorod Nijni-Novgorod (French, Romanian), Nischnij Nowgorod (German), Nizhni Novgorod (Finnish), Nižnij Novgorod - Нижний Новгород (Russian), Nižn√Ĺ Novgorod (Slovak), Nowogr√≥d (Polish); Gorky (former name 1932-1990), NiŇĺny Novgordas (Lithuanian)
Novi Sad Neusatz (German), Novi Sad - Нови Сад (Serbian), Nov√Ĺ Sad (Slovak), √öjvid√©k (Hungarian), Novi Sadas (Lithuanian)
Nuremberg Neurenberg (Dutch), Niremv√©ryi - Νυρεμβέργη (Greek), Norimberg (Slovene), Norimberga (Italian), Norimberk (Czech), N√∂rnberg (Low Saxon), Norymberga (Polish), N√ļremberg (Spanish), Nuremberga (Portuguese), N√ľrnberg (Finnish, German, Hungarian), Niurnbergas (Lithuanian)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
√ďbuda (now part of Budapest) Altofen (German), √ďbuda (Hungarian), Star√Ĺ Bud√≠n (Czech)
Oldenburg Oldemburgo (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Oldenburg (German), Starogard (Polish, Serbian)
Olomouc Olm√ľtz (German), Olom√≥c or Holom√≥c (Czech - Hanakian dialect), Olomouc (Czech), Olomuncium (Latin), Ołomuniec (Polish)
Olsztyn Allenstein (German), Olsztyn (Polish), OlŇ°tinas (Lithuanian)
Opava Opava (Czech), Opavia (Latin), Opawa (Polish), Troppau (German)
Opole Opole (Polish), Opolí (Czech), Oppeln (German)
Oporto Burtuqāl (Arabic), Oporto (Italian), Porto (Czech, Esperanto, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian), Portas (Lithuanian)
Oradea Gran Varadino (Italian), Großwardein (German), Magno-Varadinum (Latin variant), Nagyvárad (Hungarian), Oradea (Romanian), Varadinum (Latin)
Oranienburg Bocov (Czech), Bötzow (former German name), Oranienburg (German)
Oslo Asloa (Latin), Christiania (former Dano-Norwegian name 1624-1925), Kristiania (late version of former name), Oslo (Bahasa Indonesia, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish), √ďsl√≥ (Icelandic), Ūslū (Arabic), Oslas (Lithuanian)
Osnabr√ľck Osnabr√ľck (German), Osnabrugge (Dutch), Osnabruque (Portuguese)
Ostend Oostende (Dutch/Flemish), Ostenda (Italian, Polish), Ostende (Czech, French, German, Portuguese, Serbian), Ostendo (Esperanto), Ostendė (Lithuanian)
Oświęcim Auschwitz (German), Osvětim (Czech), Osvienčim (Slovak), Oświęcim (Polish)
Oulu Oulu (Finnish), Uleåborg (Swedish)
Oxford Oksfordo (Esperanto), Oxonia (Latin), Rhydychen (Welsh), Oksfordas (Lithuanian)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Padua Padoue (French), Padova (Italian, Finnish, Romanian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak), P√°dua (Portuguese), Padwa (Polish)
Palermo Palerme (French), Palermo (Italian, Finnish, Polish), Palermas (Lithuanian)
Pamplona Banbalūna (Arabic), Iru√Īa (Basque), Pamplona (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Pampelune (French), Pampaluna / Lunapampa (Old Proven√ßal), Pampeluna (Polish)
Paris Bārīs (Arabic), Parigi (Italian), Pariis (Estonian), Pariisi (Finnish), Parijs (Dutch), Par√≠s (Catalan, Spanish), Paris (French), Par√≠si (Greek), Pariso or Parizo (Esperanto), Pariž (Bulgarian, Russian), Pariz (Croatian, Serbian), Pař√≠ž (Czech), Par√≠ž (Slovak), Parīze (Latvian), P√°rizs (Hungarian), Paryż (Polish), Paryzh (Ukrainian), Paryžius (Lithuanian)
Parma Parme (French), Parma (Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish)
Pärnu Parnawa (Polish), Pärnu (Estonian), Pernau (German), Piarnu (Lithuanian)
Passau Batavia (Latin), Pasawa (Polish), Pasov (Czech), Passau (German), Passovia (Italian)
Pazin Pisino (Italian), Pazin (Croatian)
P√©cs Pětikostel√≠ (Czech), Pečuh (Croatian), F√ľnfkirchen (German), P√§ťkostolie (Slovak)
Perpignan Perpignan (French), Perpignano (Italian), Perpi√Ī√°n (Spanish), Perpinh√£o (Portuguese), Perpinjan (Serbian), Perpiny√† (Catalan)
Perugia Pérouse (French), Perugia (Italian), Perusa (Spanish)
Petroskoy Petrozavodsk (Russian), Petroskoi (Finnish), Äänislinna (old Finnish name), Petrozavodskas (Lithuanian)
Piacenza Piacenza (Italian), Pjaćenca (Serbian), Plaisance (French), Plasencia (Spanish)
Plauen Plauen (German), Plavno (Czech)
Pleven Pleven (Bulgarian), Plevno (Czech)
Plovdiv Filibe (Turkish), Filippopoli (Italian), Philippo√ļpolis (Greek), Plovdiv (Bulgarian), Płowdiw (Polish), Pulpudeva (ancient Macedonian, Moesian)
Plymouth Pleimuiden (Dutch), Plimuto (Esperanto)
Plzeň Pilsen (German, Italian), Pilzno (Polish), Plzeň (Czech)
Podgorica Titograd (former name), Ribnica (former name)
Pompeii Pompei (Italian), Pompeia (Portuguese), Pompeji (German), Pompeya (Spanish), Pompeja (Serbian), Pompeje (Polish), Pompiia (Greek), Pompeiji (Finnish), "Pompėja" (Lithuanian)
Porec Parenzo (Italian), Poreč (Croatian)
Pori Björneborg (Swedish), Pori (Finnish)
Portorož Portorose (Italian), Portorož (Slovene)
Porvoo Borgå (Swedish), Porvoo (Finnish)
Potsdam Postupim (Czech, Slovak), Potsdam (German, Italian), Poczdam (Polish), Potsdamas (Lithuanian)
Poznań Poznań (Polish), Posen (German), Posnania (Latin), Posnanie (French), Poznanė (Lithuanian)
Prague Birāġ (Arabic), Praha (Czech, Finnish, Norwegian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Lithuanian), Praag (Dutch), Prag (Croatian, Danish, German, Norwegian, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish), Prag or Prog (Yiddish), Pr√°ga (Greek, Hungarian), Praga (Bulgarian, Catalan, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish), Prago (Esperanto)
Pravdinsk Friedland (German), Pravdinsk (Russian), Romuva (Lithuanian)
Priozersk Kexholm / Keksholm (Swedish), Käkisalmi (Finnish), Korela (alternative Finnish name)
Pristina Prishtin√ę (Albanian), Priština - Приштина (Serbian), Priştina (Turkish), Prisztina (Polish), Pristino (Esperanto), PriŇ°tina (Lithuanian)
Pruszcz Gdański Praust (German), Pruszcz Gdański (Polish)
Pskov Pihkva (Estonian), Pihkova (Finnish), Psków (Polish), Pleskau (German), Pskovas (Lithuanian)
Pula Pola (Italian), Pula (Croatian)
Pyrzyce Pyritz (German), Pyrzyce (Polish)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Rauma Rauma (Finnish), Raumo (Swedish)
Riga Rīġā (Arabic), Riha (Belarusian, Ukrainian), Riia (Estonian), Riika (Finnish), Ryga (Lithuanian, Polish), Riga (Italian, Portuguese)
Rijeka Fiume (Italian, Hungarian), Rijeka (Croatian)
Regensburg Řezno (Czech), Ratisbona (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Ratisbonne (French), Ratyzbona (Polish), Ratisbon (English [obs.], Latin), Regensborg (Low Saxon), Regensburg (German)
Rheims Reims (French), Remeš (Czech), Remso (Esperanto), Reimsas (Lithuanian)
Rome Rhufain (Welsh)Rim (Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian, Russian), R√≠m (Slovak), Ř√≠m (Czech), Rooma (Estonian, Finnish), Rom (German), R√≥mi (Greek), R√≥ma (Hungarian), Roma (Catalan, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish), Romo (Esperanto), Rūmiya (Arabic), Rym (Ukrainian), Rzym (Polish)
Roskilde Hróarskelda (Icelandic), Roskilde (Danish)
Rostock Rostock (German), Roztoky (Czech), Rostokas (Lithuanian)
Rouen Rouen (French), Ru√£o (Portuguese), R√ļ√įuborg (Icelandic)
Rovaniemi Roavenjarga (Sami), Rovaniemi (Finnish, Swedish), Rovaniemis (Lithuanian)
Rovinj Rovigno (Italian), Rovinj (Croatian)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Saarbr√ľcken Saarbr√ľcken (German), Sarrebruck (French, Spanish), Sarbriukenas (Lithuanian)
Saarlouis Sarrelouis (French), Saarlautern (German 1939-1945)
Sagunto Sagunt (Catalan, German), Sagunto (Italian, Spanish)
Salzburg Salisburgo (Italian), Salzbourg (French), Salzburg (German, Slovene), Salzburgo (Spanish), Solnograd (old Slovene), Solnohrad (Czech) , Zalcburgas (Lithuanian)
Samara Kujbišev (Slovene), Kuybyshev (former name)
Samarkand Samarcanda (Catalan, Italian, Spanish), Samarcande (French), Samarkand (Slovene), Samarkanda (Polish), Semerkant (Turkish), Samarkandas (Lithuanian)
San Sebastián Donostia (Basque), Sant Sebastià (Catalan), Saint-Sébastien (French), San Sebastijanas (Lithuanian)
Santiago de Compostela Šānt Yāqūb (Arabic), Sant Jaume de Gal√≠cia (Catalan), Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle (French), Santiago de Compostela (Galician, Portuguese), Santiago di Compostella (Italian)
Saragossa Saragoça (Portuguese), Saragosa (Slovene), Saragossa (Catalan, German), Saragosse (French), Saragozza (Italian), Zaragoza (Czech, Spanish)
Sarajevo Sarāyīfū (Arabic), Sarajevo (Slovene), Sarajewo (German, Polish), Saraybosna (Turkish), Szarajev√≥ (Hungarian), Sarajevas (Lithuanian)
Saranda (√Āyii) Sar√°nda (Greek), Sarandë / Saranda (Albanian), Santiquaranta (Italian)
Saverne Zabern (German)
Schaffhausen Schaffhouse (French), Schaffhausen (German), Sciaffusa (Italian), Schaffusa (Romansh), Szafuza (Polish)
Schweinfurt Schweinfurt (German, Slovene), Svinibrod (Czech)
Schwerin Schwerin (German), Swaryń (Polish), Zuarin (Obotritic), Zvěř√≠n (Czech)
Schwyz Schwytz (French), Schwyz (German), Svitto (Italian), Sviz (Romansh)
Senj Segna (Italian), Senj (Croatian, Slovene), Zengg (old Hungarian name)
Seville al-Išbīliya (Arabic), Sevila (Slovene), Sevilha (Portuguese), Sevilia (Romanian [obs.]), Seviljo (Esperanto), Sevilla (Catalan, Finnish, Slovak, Spanish, German), S√©ville (French), Sevilya (Turkish), Sewilla (Polish), Siviglia (Italian), Sevilija (Lithuanian)
Shkod√ęr Scutari (Italian), Skadar (Czech, Serbian, Slovene), Szkodra (Polish), Skutari (German)
Sibenik Sebenico (Italian), Šibenik (Croatian, Slovene)
Sibiu Sibiň (Czech), Sibiu (Romanian), Hermannstadt (German), Szeben (Hungarian)
Sienna Sienne (French), Siena (Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovene, Turkish), Siena (Lithuanian)
Skopje Shkupi (Albanian), Skop'e (Russian), Sk√≥pia (Greek), Skopia (Spanish), Skopie (Bulgarian), Skopje (Slovene), Skoplje (Serbian, Croatian), Skūbyī (Arabic), √úsk√ľp (Turkish), Skopjė (Lithuanian)
Sligo Sligeach (Irish)
Solin Salona (Italian), Solin (Croatian, Slovene)
Sofia Serdica (Latin), S√≥fia (Greek, Portuguese), Sofia (Italian), Sof√≠a (Spanish), Sofija (Bulgarian, Croatian, Russian, Serbian, Slovene, Ukrainian, Lithuanian), Sofio (Esperanto), Sofya (Turkish), Sūfiyā (Arabic), Sz√≥fia (Hungarian)
Solothurn Soleure (French), Solothurn (German), Soletta (Italian), Soloturn (Romansh), Solura (Polish)
S√łnderborg Sonderburg (German)
Sopron √Ėdenburg (German), Šoproň (Czech), Sopron (Hungarian)
Sovetsk Sovetsk - Советск (Russian), Sovjetsk (Slovene), Tilsit (German), TilŇĺė (Lithuanian)
Speyer Spires (English [obs.]), Espira (Spanish, Portuguese), Spire (French), Spira (Italian), Šp√Ĺr (Czech)
Split Spalato (Italian), Split (Croatian, Slovene), Splitas (Lithuanian)
St. Gallen Saint-Gall (French), Sankt Gallen (German), San Gallo (Italian), Son Gagl (Romansh), Svat√Ĺ Havel (Czech)
St. Petersburg Ay√≠a Petr√ļpoli (Greek), Peterburi (Estonian), Petroburgo (Esperanto), Pietari (Finnish), Saint-P√©terbourg (French), Sankt-Pecjarburh (Belarusian), Sankt-Peterburg (Russian, Slovene), Sankt Peterburg (Serbian, Slovak), Sanktpēterburga (Latvian), Sankt Peterburgas (Lithuanian), Sankt Petěrburk (Czech), Sankt Petersborg (Danish), Sankt Petersburg (German, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian), Sankt Peterzburg (Serbian), San Petersburgo (Spanish), San Pietroburgo (Italian), Sānt Bītarsbūrġ (Arabic), S√£o Petersburgo (Portuguese), Sint-Petersburg (Dutch), Szentp√©terv√°r (Hungarian); Leningrad (former name), Leningrado (former Italian name), Petrograd (former Russian name, former Slovene name), Petrohrad (former Czech name), Piotrogr√≥d (former Polish name), Sankt Peterburgas (Lithuanian), Petrapilis (former Lithuanian)
St. Moritz Sankt Moritz (German), San Murezzan (Romansh), Svat√Ĺ Mořic (Czech)
Stockholm Estocolm (Catalan), Estocolmo (Portuguese, Spanish), Istūkhūlm (Arabic), Stoccolma (Italian), Stockholm (Slovene, Swedish), Stokgol'm (Russian), Štokholm (Serbian, Slovak), Stokhol'm (Ukrainian), Stokholma (Latvian), Stokholmas (Lithuanian), Stokholmo (Esperanto), Stokkh√≥lmi (Greek), Sztokholm (Polish), Tukholma (Finnish), Stokholmas (Lithuanian)
Stralsund Stralsund (German), Strzałowo (Polish)
Strasbourg Estrasburgo (Portuguese, Spanish), Schdroosburi or Strossburi (Alsatian), Straatsburg (Dutch), Strasbourg (French, Slovene), Strasburg (Polish), Štrasburg (Slovak), Strasburgo (Esperanto, Italian), Štrasburk (Czech), Strassburg (Finnish), Straßburg (German), Strazbur (Serbian), Strasbūras (Lithuanian)
Straubing Straubing (German), Štrubina (Czech)
Stuttgart Estugarda (Portuguese), Št√≠hrad (Czech), Stoccarda (Italian), Stuttgart (German, Slovene), Stoutg√°rdhi (Greek), ҆tutgartas (Lithuanian)
Subotica Mariatheresiopel (German), Subotica - Суботица (Serbian), Subotica (Slovene), Szabadka (Hungarian)
Swansea Abertaŭo (Esperanto), Abertawe (Welsh), Swansea (Slovene)
Świnoujście Swinem√ľnde (German), Świnoujście (Polish)
Syracuse Syrakus (German), Siracusa (Italian, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish), Syrakuzy (Polish), Syrak√ļzy (Slovak), Sirakuza (Serbian), Sirak√ľza (Turkish), Sirakuze (Slovene), Syrakusa (Finnish), Sirakuso (Esperanto), Sirakūzai (Lithuanian)
Szczecin Scecinum / Stetinum (Latin), Stettin (German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish), Szczecin (Polish), Štět√≠n (Czech), Štet√≠n (Slovene), Stettino (Italian), Šćećin (Serbian), ҆tetinas (Lithuanian)
Szczytno Ortelsburg (German), Ortulfsburg (older German), Szczytno (Polish)
Szeged Segedín (Czech), Szeged (Hungarian), Seghedino (Italian), Segedyn or Szegedyn (Polish), Seghedin (Romanian)
Sz√©kesfeh√©rv√°r Stoličn√Ĺ Bělehrad (Czech), Stolni Biograd (Croatian), Stuhlweißenburg (German), Stoličn√Ĺ Belehrad (Slovak)
Szentendre Sentandreja - Сентандреја (Serbian), Svat√Ĺ Ondřej (Czech), Szentendre (Hungarian)
Szombathely Kamenec (Czech), Steinamanger (German), Szombathely (Hungarian, Slovene)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Tallinn Lindanissa (Latin variant), R√§vel (old Swedish name), Reval (old German name), Revalia (Latin), Rewal or Tallin (Polish), Tālīn (Arabic), Talinas (Lithuanian), Taljin (Serbian), Tallin (Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, Slovak, Spanish), Tallina (Latvian), Tallinna (Finnish), Talinas (Lithuanian)
Tampere Tammerfors (Swedish), Tampere (Finnish), Tamperė (Lithuanian)
Taranto Taranto (Italian), T√°ras (ancient Greek), Tarent (Czech, German, Serbian), Tarente (French), Tarento (Spanish), Tarentum (Latin)
Tartu Tartto (Finnish), Dorpat (German, Polish), Tērbata (Latvian, before 1918)
Tashkent Tašqand (Arabic), Tasjkent (Dutch, Swedish), Tachkent (French), Task√©ndē (Greek), Taskent (Hungarian), Taszkient / Taszkent (Polish), Taškent (Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian), Taşkent (Romanian, Turkish), Toshkent (Uzbek), Taschkent (German), TaŇ°kentas (Lithuanian)
Tbilisi Tiflīs (Arabic), Tbilissi (French), Tbilisi (Georgian, Italian, Romanian, Slovene), Tiflis (German, Italian [obs.], Turkish), Tyfl√≠da (Greek), Tbiliszi (Hungarian), Tibilisi / Tyflis (Polish), Tbilisis (Lithuanian)
Tekirdağ Rodosto (Greek), Rodost√≥ (Hungarian)
Terezín Terezín (Czech, Slovak), Theresienstadt (German)
Těš√≠n Cieszyn (Polish), Teschen (German), Teš√≠n (Slovak)
The Hague Lāhāy (Arabic), De Haach (Frisian), Den Haag / 's-Gravenhage (Dutch), Haag (Czech, Finnish, Slovak, Slovene), La Haye (French), L'Aia (Italian), Den Haag / der Haag (German), Kh√°yi (Greek), H√°ga (Hungarian), Haga (Polish, Romanian, Lithuanian), Haia (Portuguese), Gaaga (Russian), La Haya (Spanish), Haaha (Ukrainian), Hag (Serbian), Lahey (Turkish)
Thessaloniki Saloniki (alternative Greek name), Săruna (Aromanian), Soluň (Czech), Thessalonique (French), Saloniki (German, Polish), Salonicco / Tessalonica (Italian), Salonic (Romanian), Selanik (Turkish), Sol√ļn (Slovak), Solun (Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene), Salonica (alternative English name), Tesal√≥nica (Spanish), Tessal√≥nica (Portuguese), Tessalonika (Finnish), Salonikai (Lithuanian)
Thionville Diedenhofen (German), Diedenhoven (former Dutch name), Thionville (French)
Timişoara Temešv√°r (Czech, Slovak), Temeswar / Temeschburg / (Temeschwar) (German), Temesv√°r (Hungarian), Temišvar (Croatian, Serbian, Slovene), Timişoara (Romanian), Timiszoara (Polish), Tamışvar (Turkish)
Tirana Tiranë / Tirana (Albanian), Tirana (Italian, Portuguese), Tiran (Turkish)
Tongeren Tongern (German), Tongres (French)
Tórshavn Thorshavn (Danish), √ěórshöfn (Icelandic)
Toruń Toruń (Polish), Toruň (Czech), Thorn (German), civitas Torunensis (Latin), Torń (Kashubian)
Toulon Tolone (Italian), Toulon (French) Tulon (Polish)
Toulouse Tolosa de Llenguadoc (Catalan), Tolosa (Italian, Latin), Toulouse (French, Portuguese), Tuluza (Polish), Tuluz (Serbian) , Tulūza (Lithuanian)
Trebizond Trabzon (Turkish), Trapezunt (German, Finnish, Polish, Romanian [obs.]), Trapez√ļnda (Greek), Trebisonda (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese), Tr√©bizonde (French)
Trent Trento (Italian, Portuguese), Trient (German), Trident (Czech), Trente (French, Dutch), Trydent (Polish)
Trier Trevír (Czech, Slovak), Trèves (French), Treviri (Italian), Trewir (Polish), Tréveris (Spanish, Portuguese)
Trieste Tergeste (Latin), Terst (Czech), Tri√ęst (Dutch), Triest (German), Trieste (Italian, Portuguese), Trst (Croatian, Serbian, Slovene)
Trogir Tra√Ļ (Italian), Trogir (Croatian)
Trondheim Nidaros (Norwegian 997-15th century and again 1930), Trondhjem (Dano-Norwegian 15th century-1929), Trondheim (Norwegian 1931-1939 and 1945-present), Drontheim (1940-1945) (German name during WWII occupation), √ěrándheimur (Icelandic), Trondheimas (Lithuanian)
Troms√ł Tromssa (Finnish, Sami)
T√ľbingen Tubinga (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Tubingue (French), Tubinky / Tybinky (Czech), Tybinga (Polish)
Turin Torí (Catalan), Torino (Italian, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovene, Finnish, Turkish), Turijn (Dutch), Turim (Portuguese), Turín (Czech, Slovak), Turyn (Polish), Turinas (Lithuanian)
Turku Åbo (Swedish), Aboa / Aboia / Turcua (Latin), Turu (Estonian), Turku (Finnish)
Tver Kalinin (former name), Tver (Italian, Slovene), Twer (Polish, German), Tverė (Lithuanian)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
√úberlingen √úberlingen (German), Jibrovice (Czech)
Udine Udin (Friulian), Udine (Italian), Videm (Czech), Udinė (Lithuanian)
Ulcinj Dulcigno (Italian), Ulcinj (Croatian, Serbian)
Ulm Ulm (German), Ulma (Italian), Ulmas (Lithuanian)
Ulyanovsk Simbirsk (former name), Uljanovsk (Serbian, Slovene), Uljanowsk (German), Uljanovskas (Lithuanian)
Umag Umago (Italian), Umag (Croatian)
Umeå Uumaja (Finnish)
Utrecht Traiectum (Latin), Utert (Frisian), Utrecht (Dutch), Utreĥto (Esperanto), Utrechtas (Lithuanian)
Uzhhorod Ungv√°r (Hungarian), Ungvir - אונגװיר (Yiddish), Ungwar (German), Uschhorod (German), Užgorod - Ужгород (Russian), Užhorod - Ужгородъ (Ruthenian), Užhorod (Slovak), Užhorod - Ужгород (Ukrainian)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Vaasa Vasa (Swedish), Wasa (older Swedish name), Waza (Polish), Nikolainkaupunki (alternative old Finnish name)
Valencia València (Catalan), Valence (French), Valencia (Slovene, Spanish), Valência (Portuguese), Valencio or Valencujo (Esperanto), Walencja (Polish), Valensija (Lithuanian)
Valletta il-Belt (colloquial Maltese), il-Belt Valletta (Maltese), Fālītā (Arabic), Val√©ta (Greek), La Valeta (Portuguese), La Valette (French), La Valletta (Italian, Slovak), Valeta (Lithuanian)
Venice Ben√°tky (Czech, Slovak), Benetke (Slovene), al-Bunduqīya (Arabic), Feneyjar (Icelandic), Velence (Hungarian), Ven√®cia (Catalan), Venecia (Spanish), Venecija (Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian), Veneco (Esperanto), Venedig (Danish, German, Swedish), Venedik (Turkish), Venet√≠a (Greek), Veneţia (Romanian), Veneti√ę (Dutch), Venetsia (Finnish), Veneza (Portuguese), Venezia (Italian), Venise (French), Vinitsia (Yiddish), Wenecja (Polish)
Vienna Beč (Croatian, Serbian), B√©cs (Hungarian), Dunaj (Slovene), Fienna (Welsh), Vena (Russian, Ukrainian), Vīne (Latvian), V√≠deň (Czech), Viedeň (Slovak), Viena (Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian), Vienna (Italian), Vienne (French), Vi√©nni (Greek), Vin (Yiddish), Viyana (Turkish), Wenen (Dutch), Wiedeń (Polish), Wien (Finnish, German, Swedish), Vieno (Esperanto), Viena (Lithuanian)
Villach Běl√°k (Czech), Beljak (Slovene), Bilachium (Latin), Villach (German), Villaco (Italian)
Vilnius Filniyūs (Arabic), Vilna (Italian, Spanish, Slovene, Finnish, Norwegian), Vilne (Yiddish), Viļņa (Latvian), Vil'nja / Vil'njus (Belarusian), Vil'njus (Russian, Ukrainian), Vilnjus (Serbian), Vilno (Czech), Wilna (German), Wilno (Polish)
Vitoria Gasteiz (Basque), Vitória (Portuguese), Vitorija (Lithuanian)
Vladikavkaz Ordzhonikidze (former name 1932-1944 and 1954-1990), Dzaudzhikau (former name 1944-1954), Vladikaukazas (Lithuanian)
Vlor√ę Vlorë / Vlora (Albanian), Valona (Italian, Serbian), Aulona (ancient name), Avlonya (Turkish)
Volgograd Stalingrad (former name), Tsaritsyn (former name), Wołgograd (Polish), Carycyn (former Polish name), Volgograd (Slovene), Volgogrado (Portuguese, Spanish), Wolgograd (German), Estalinegrado (former Portuguese name), Stalingrado (former Italian name), Volgogradas (Lithuanian)
Vyborg Viiburi (Estonian), Viipuri (Finnish), Viborg (Swedish), Wiburg (German)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Wangen Vanky (Czech), Wangen (German)
Warsaw Wārsū (Arabic), Varšava (Belarusian, Czech, Croatian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Ukrainian), Warschau (Dutch, German), Varssavi (Estonian), Varsova (Finnish), Varsovie (French), Varsov√≠a (Greek), Vars√≥via (Portuguese), Vars√≥ (Hungarian), Varsavia (Italian), Varšuva (Lithuanian), Varşovia (Romanian), Warszawa (Polish), Varsovia (Latin, Spanish), Varşova (Turkish), Varshe (Yiddish), Varsovio (Esperanto)
Waterford Port Láirge (Irish)
Weimar V√Ĺmar (Czech), Weimar (German), Veimaras (Lithuanian)
Wejherowo Neustadt in Westpreußen (German), Wejherowo (Polish)
Wolgast Wolgast (German), Wołogoszcz (Polish)
Worms Wormacja (Polish), Wormazia (Italian [obs.]), Worms (German)
Wroclaw Wrocław (Polish), Vratislav (Czech), Vratislavia / Wratislavia / Wracislavia (Latin), Breslau (Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish), Wroclaw (Finnish, Slovene), Vratislav / Vroclav (Slovak, Serbian), Breslavia (Italian), Vroclavas (Lithuanian)
W√ľrzburg W√∂rzborg (Low Saxon), W√ľrzburg (German), Wurzburgo (Spanish)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Yekaterinburg Jekaterinburg (Serbian, Finnish, German, Slovene, Swedish), Jekaterynburg (Polish), Ekaterinburg (Romanian), Ekaterinburgo (Spanish), Sverdlovsk (former name), Jekaterinburgas (Lithuanian)
Yerevan Yirīfān (Arabic), Erevan (French, English [rare], Romanian, Slovene), Jerewan / Eriwan (German), Jerev√°n (Hungarian), Erewan (Polish), Jerevan (Czech, Finnish, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Serbian), Erev√°n (Spanish), Erivan (Turkish), Jerevanas (Lithuanian)
York Caerefrog / Efrog (Welsh), Eabhrac (Irish), Eboracum (Latin), Efrawg (Breton, Cornish), Iorc (Scots Gaelic), Jorvik (ancient Scandinavian), Jórvík (Icelandic), Jorko (Esperanto), Jorkas (Lithuanian)
Ypres Ieper (Dutch), Ypres (French), Ypern (German), Ipro (Esperanto)


English Name Other name(s) or older name(s)
Zabrze Hindenburg (German 1915-1945), Zabrze (Polish)
Zadar Zara (Italian), Z√°ra (Hungarian), Zadar (Croatian), Zadaras (Lithuanian)
Zagreb Zaġrib (Arabic), Z√°hřeb (Czech), Z√°hreb (Slovak), Agram (German [obs.]), Z√°gr√°b (Hungarian), Zagabria (Italian), Zagrzeb (Polish), Zagreb (Slovene), Zagrep (Turkish), Zahreb (Ukrainian), Z√Ęgreb (Serbian), Zagrebo (Esperanto), Zagrebas (Lithuanian)
Zeebrugge Seebr√ľgge (German)
Zielona G√≥ra Gr√ľnberg (German), Mons Viridis (Latin), Zielona G√≥ra (Polish)
Zittau Žitava (Czech), Zittau (German), Żytawa (Polish)
Znamensk Vėluva (Lithuanian), Wehlau (German), Welawa (Polish), Znamensk (Russian)
Znojmo Znaim (German), Znojmo (Polish)
Zug Zoug (French), Zug (German, Romansh), Zugo (Italian)
Zurich Zūrīk (Arabic), Cirih (Serbian), Ciūrichas (Lithuanian), Cjurikh (Russian, Ukrainian), Curiĥo (Esperanto), Curych (Czech), Turitg (Romansh), Zurich (French), Z√ľrich (German, Finnish, Slovene, Swedish), Z√ļrich (Spanish), Zurigo (Italian), Z√ľrih (Turkish), Zurique (Portuguese), Zurych (Polish), Zyr√≠khi (Greek)
Zwickau Cvikov (Czech), Zwickau (German)

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