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01:35 UTC, Tuesday, 31 October
Scientia Est Potentia
"ill get u neutrality." --Lir
My AIM is BenLocke55.
Why Neutrality? I picked the username Neutrality not because I think I am always neutral, or that I always am. I picked the username as a constant reminder to me and others that Wikipedia's relevance depends on it being a neutral resource.
I am a male, in case you were unsure.
I am both a member of the Association of Members' Advocates and the Mediation Committee. In the former capacity, I will represent you in Arbitration and RfC proceedings; in the latter, I will help you and other users resolve a dispute. In addition, I am a member of the RC Patrol and the Welcoming Committee</div>


My favorite policies, proposed policies, and semi-policies

Current projects:

Vote in the upcoming ArbCom election!
Vote in the upcoming ArbCom election!
Neutrality&mdash;for a more efficient, fair, and responsive ArbCom!
Neutrality—for a more efficient, fair, and responsive ArbCom!
I've earned the Quadell seal of approval.
I'Quadell">Quadell seal of approval.

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
Winston Churchill

Hello! My name is Neutrality (real name: Ben). I have been a Wikipedian since I was first welcomed by Meelar on May 15, 2004. On October 12, I became the 300th active administrator and member of the top sekrit sysop kabal. ("Wiki-janitor" is the term I prefer). As of September 22, I was listed on Most Active Wikipedians as the 60th most active contributor to all namespaces, a positional change of +29 from the previous month.

My primary interests, include American politics and government, European and Asian history, world geography, ethnic groups, and the social sciences. I also upload lots of images: Fair use images, mostly logos and book/album covers; public domain images, mostly works of the U.S. federal government; and my own photographs, released under the GFDL. These can be viewed at my growing gallery.

This page has been vandalized 29 times:

  • Twice by,,, and "Htf3."
  • Once each by Rex071404,,,,,,,,,,, "Neutrality.," "Punk2," "Htf2," and
  • Six times by Mr. Treason, using the IP address,
  • I have been impersonated five times. The first was a series of poor attempts

("Nuetrality," "Nuetraliti1," and "Nuetraliti"). The more recent ones ("Neutrality." and "Neutralityx") were more creative.

  • This page has been the subject of page-move vandalism six times.
  • My favorite vandalism: [1]

I often seek out and fix links to redirects and links to disambiguation pages. I also categorize articles by using list of lists to find a list, and then checking to see if all articles are properly categorized. If they aren't, I make sure they are. Here'Neutrality/to-do">to-do list and random junk.

I created the Deletion tools template and Featured tools template, seen below! Feel free to add either or both to your userspace by putting in {{Template:Deletiontools}} and {{Template:Featuredtools}}, respectively.

Wikimedia Foundation
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