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Visual arts

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Many times, the term art is used to refer to the visual arts. The visual arts generally encompass areas such as painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, many design disciplines, as well the decorative arts like textile art and metalwork.

Contrast the visual arts with sculpture or the performing arts, such as music, theater, and dance.


Types of visual arts

(sometimes called "fine arts")

History of the visual arts

See also: Art movements

Art genres

See also

af:Beeldende kunste bg:Визуални изкуства de:Bildende Kunst es:Artes visuales y diseƱo fr:Arts visuels fy:Byldzjende keunst ia:Artes visual e designo hu:Képzőművészet és design nl:Beeldende kunst pt:Artes visuais e design ru:Изобразительные искусства sv:Bildkonst uk:Образотворче мистецтво

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